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Property Management

Marstel Realty and Management provides property management and receivership services from an owner's point of view. This means that Marstel provides more than day-to-day maintenance functions, leasing and accounting. It means we establish long-range objectives with the owner, based upon which management decisions are carried out. Among these are important tenant policies: tenant mix, tenant quality, lease term, the lease document itself and tenant negotiations. Marstel deals with these issues in the same careful manner it has carried them out for its own properties. The type and extent of property maintenance, signage, landscaping and other issues are best conducted by an owner/manager philosophy.

Protecting owners’ interests in today's competitive environment and increasing government regulation requires the understanding of an owner oriented management team. As a hands-on management firm with many years of experience specializing in investor owned retail, office, flex and self storage properties, our personal approach to management has long been appreciated by owners and tenants alike. As developers and owners of properties ourselves, we know how to manage and maintain properties and never lose sight of our main mission -- -- increase the bottom line -- -- so that we get the best possible return for our clients. We raise income by maintaining tenants through responsive management, and by bringing in new tenants through aggressive leasing. On the cost side, we watch operating costs carefully, as if the project were our own, and to the extent possible utilize reliable contractors and vendors with whom we have worked for years so that every dollar spent is cost effective and improves the bottom line, not just maintains it. We stay abreast of market conditions to keep you ahead of the market, not behind it. We know that our organizational and management abilities will provide you with a cost-effective service which will enable your property to be operated effectively and efficiently. Finally, and not incidentally, at Marstel, we pride ourselves in conducting our business ethically and with the highest degree of integrity.

If you wish to sell, we always have buyers looking for investments. And we know how to market the property to find buyers in the shortest period of time and yielding the highest return for you. We have been active in the South Florida real estate community for more than 30 years -- -- we know the players and we have sold many properties.

Always looking to increase value, we have a long history of improving tenant rents, creating a workable tenant mix and spending money judiciously. We maintain meticulous financial records of your property so that any potential buyer or lender can easily understand the operation and financial condition of your property. We are consistently complimented on our record keeping and preparation of financial packages. We are here to improve your property's bottom line so that you may increase your distributions, refinance or sell. If selling is what you want, although you might think we're crazy, we are not afraid to work ourselves out of a job. (Hopefully, we'll find another property for you, which we can manage and sell.)

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